Fri, 01/17/2014 - 04:01 -- sheena

The music has me going in circles,

filing the air with my emotions,

swayin my lust around,

forcing it to swirl with the dust,

seasoning it with my essence.


My scent gives the room a vibe so distinct,

even my subconcious can't deny my powerful, seducing aroma.

My scent glistens on my body making my light brown skin shimmer in the dimmly lit room.


My movements generate the love that swallows ever object in the room,

making them my own.

Teasing the atmosphere with my movements and scents,

making the air jealous, encouraging it's rage and fury.


Then I stop my rythmic sway and look at my body in the mirror.

I see the way the perspiration rolls off my curves and falls to the floor,

splashing against the hard wood floor,

as if to punish the floor for the coolness of it's embrace.



 as i watch myself,

the music creeps back inside my soul and gosebumps begin to rise all over my body.

I get this electrifying feeling as i begin the melodic sway once more.

Only this time with more passion and life then ever before.


As i watch my body still i see my hips rolling in perfect unison with my stomach and the beat.

My thighs contracting in perfect harmony as the beat takes over.


Cant stop the music from consuming every

muscle....every inch.....making my skin tingle as every follicle of hair on my body stands at attention from the electricity the room.


That's when I know I am no longer just me. I no longer live for myself.

I live within the beat and the beat lives within me.


                                                                      I AM THE MUSIC


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