MSD and Poetry

Poetry saved me.


Letters across a sheet

Formulating into words,

Evaluating an issue that is quite absurd.

No other way to express the pain,

Of my friends and teachers

Taken by a gunman who was mentally insane.


Reading poems of love

On Valentine’s Day,

Then writing about taking guns away.

Writing poetry to share my story,

To voice my feelings

About a day so gory.


Sinking further into the deep water

Poetry rescued me,

It gave me a rope to hold onto from the dark, blue sea.

I expressed the change needed today,

Of new safety measures

That should never be a delay


I continue to write

Into my escape from reality,

Declaring my beliefs of needed morality.

A new passion grew within me,

Involving powerful rhymes

As you can see.


A gunman so crazy

Committing acts of terror and perpetrating tragedy,

My mind was filled with constant agony.

Late at night I typed away,

Poems and poems

Becoming dreams needless to say.


Inspired by the thoughts

Written on my computer,

Developed into action to stop future shooters.

Organizing the Parkland March for Our Lives,

Following my own words

Allowing children’s voices to rise.


Poetry gave me an outlet,

A place to solve a major issue,

When it was difficult to have someone available to speak to.

Sharing my poems to friends and family sparked a light,

That was ignited

By the fire in my words of fight.


Poetry saved me. 

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