My hands are up don't shoot

my future lies before me

A legacy of kings and queens coming from me

You point that weapon in my face

like my life doesn't mean anything

like there's nothing to society that I can bring

I can be a doctor that can save your child's life

An officer that can protect your child from any harm

A teacher can spark their desire to learn

Does our mocha skin (that glows magically)

blind you?

Does the fortitude in our stature petrify you

Is our intelligence infuriating too you?

What is it?

Please tell me what is your reason for

blocking our gratness

The regicide of a people that only wants to


So what's it gonna be?

You have the "power" in this moment

"Mr. Officer"

Will you let my potemtial greatness flourish

Or be the catalyst for my demise


This poem is about: 
My country
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