You flew your heart true 
In the sky above
With your last love. 
Mr. Boo .... 


There was a time 
When your love had a rhyme.
Thoughts of a ring 
And the most sacred thing.
Words of "I do"
With Mr. Boo .... 


Then one day the love didn’t sing 
And you fell from the sky

With a broken wing.

You wondered why.

What happened to this love thing 
What happened with Mr. Boo
And "I love you" .... 


Your heart was in ruin
And your soul out of tune. 
Your spirit fell 
It was a living hell .... 


Your wing was broken 
No small token. 
Of all that pain
Without any gain .... 


And you swore 
Never again, nor ever more. 
To have a boozer's love song

At your door....


With violins of whisky strings
And other sultry things.
To keep you strung along

Never to hear a love song.

On ice with a splash of denial
In a martini glass and a painted smile .... 


Years gone by
You came into my life with a sigh. 
Like the sun of a new day 
Shy to love's play. 


I tried healing your broken wing 
But I failed to fix that thing. 
You were in denial and disdain 
Still wrapped in Boo's pain .... 

With broken wing away you flew
Leaving me alone 
A love so new. 
Leaving me unknown ....


You fled my poetry and my music parades 
Far away from my love serenades .... 


I whispered in vain  

I will ease the pain. 

But your silence tells me to wait 
For your words to guide my heart's fate ....


Fly back 
Don’t leave 
For my love that is true
A love to mend your wing anew ....


Have I not shown 
That I can love the unknown. 
And above all things
My love is 
      the wind beneath your wings .... 



This poem is about: 
Our world


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