Moving Forward

Fri, 11/16/2012 - 19:18 -- trice95

We sign the books
and we all make promises to keep in touch
we even cry a little.

But when the paralyzing fear of leaving begins to drain
And your heart begins to swell with new burning passion
You begin to forget.

And then they all slip from your hand
Back to your hometown.

And soon you are on your way to life, love, and liberty.
Professing your undying dediation to your new desires and company.
You beome engrossed into the vortex and the old you is gone.
The new you simply isn't you at all. But thats alright.

But then the life you become accustomed to pushes you out into an even colder world than before.
And you promise to hold on to what you learned
And who you met.

But then you begin to forget.

And they slip from your town bak into your hometown.
Making more room in your heart for the next round of heartaches and roughly learned messages.

And that's alright.


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