Mourning the Loss of an Illusion of a Friend

Kind. Solid. Steadfast.
"God loves you, Erin, and I do too."
I listened
And I love.
And when we parted,
I missed him, and couldn't 
Wait a year to hear him.
I found an address
And wrote a letter.
My heart was mailed along
With it.
One month later.
Two months later.
No answer.
An internet search.
A phone number.
A cellular telephone.
And a bad idea.
"Hello, this is Erin. Is this John?"
"Yes, it is. Hello."
"How are you?"
"Pretty good. I got your note."
Too much Silence.
Even behind our words, Silence.
"Well, John, it is getting late. I guess... I guess I will talk to you later."
"Alright, goodnight."
In all his Silence,
Where is his love?
I didn't hear it.
It will probably be
Over a year
Before he breaks his Silence.
If he ever does.
But I am no longer silent;
I hear my weeping, and something else,
I hear the sound of the shattering,
Shattering of an Illusion of a Friend.

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