Mountain Trek

Exhilaration, jubilation, euphoria are the words of the day. Starring up at a precipice, then the rocky out-cropping’s, one, then two, the beauty overtakes me, I had to briefly turn away. With tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat, my head turns back as my body follows suit. It’s truly spectacular, I consider it tantamount to being born. The crisp spring air fills my lungs, it is pure it is refreshing, I am invigorated, I am alive! Snow capped peaks, foliate covering rock, the green pines all set against the deep blues of the clear sky. Surely it must be the rapture, God’s fingerprints are abundant, his kingdom transplanted to our tiny planet. A soaring eagle screeches yet I am fully aware of nature’s silence, surely, I am at-oneness. I fall to my knees and thank our Lord God, creator of all that surrounds me, I am humbled beyond words. I survey my surroundings one final time; a long sigh, a little smile, all I feel now is God’s pure love.

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My country


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