Mothers (Sad to See)

I'm tired for taking fault for my own life

for once can you just take the blame

I mean just to feel an ounce of your love, i had to fight

Yet you really feel no shame


How can you sit there demanding respect?

Please, you did nothing to "raise" me

So I don't know what it is you expect

please, the tv taught me more than you, it might as well  had birthed me.


If raising a child consisted of yelling and teaching me to lie

well then you take the cake

Teaching me to keep your secrets and that i should put my feelings aside

Well then Congratulations! You win first place.


When I needed your help

you were no where to be found

You always worried about yourself

And when it came to our feelings you didn't want to hear a sound.


I just wanted to be treated like your child

but instead I was your mule

I respected you and never got too wild

And now I feel like the fool


We are not your property

Thats not how you raise people

I am NOT your property

We are all created equal


I didn't learn how to be a woman from you

god help me if i ever did

I had it hard out in the real world, because I had to teach myself what to do

But trust me I know I'll know how to raise my kid


But yet you take credit for me being the woman that I am

Yes of course, because Lord knows "you taught me"

And when they say "your lucky to have mother like yours" I say "I am"

When I know you hardly taught me anything, I can't even think of one memory.


They say children will never love their mothers like they love them

I say that its the other way around, vice versa

moms expect us to forever love them, kiss and hug them

I say they should at least want to be around, instead of desert ya


They don't realize that their actions jeopardize our being

they don't realize their choices hurt us

The choices you choose to make, disgust us when we're seeing

You might as well just had deserted us


It feels like it anyway, fending for ourselves is our specialty

We're told to grow up at an age when we don't even know what that means yet

Affection towards us has never been your  cup of tea

Why do I even bother getting upset


Please stop choosing your life over ours

Yes, we know you aren't perfect

But please for once stop being cowards

and learn to sacrifice for our happiness, and then we can for once connect


You always wonder why we are so unhappy

But not once do you think it's you

or do you even care enough to to make us happy

probably not, because you still continue to do what you do


The way you carry yourself 

You shouldn't call yourself a woman

Please take a look at yourself

Really analyze what your doing


It's wrong in every sense

your ways are so disgustingly styled

the cost of your choices is at our expense

and sometimes I'd just rather be a motherless child


Don't ever think I don't remember the good you've done for me

Please trust me when I say, I really do

But you could have done a lot more if you ask me

You still can be a better mother is all I can say, from me to you.


It hurts to say because i love you deeply

but i say this because i'm hurt

but the cost of your love is priced so steeply

it makes me wonder why you brought me onto to this earth


You gave and still continue to give others your love 

ones who should have never had it in the first place.

Lovely memories i can honestly never think of

because we were never your first place.


(not me at least)






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