Mothers are a Blessing

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 08:57 -- ldr0592


Growing up is scary
Time keeps passing by
But with some help and guidance
We slowly learn to fly
We act like we've got problems
It seems like we don't care
We're sorry that we're like that
It really is unfair
Yeah our lives can be tough
But if we took some time to spare
We'd realize, for what we put you through
You really can't compare
Put on a shirt, put on some shoes!
Go and make your bed!
Clean your room! Finish your homework!
These words are stuck in my head.
Brush your teeth, brush your hair
It's ringing in my ear!
Your words of wisdom are ignored
Yet we never cease to hear.
Because you're diligent, you're strong
You always persevere
You'll never give up on us
Even in a sea of tears.
You go under appreciated
We'll put other things above
We'll forget to even thank you
But you never run out of love.
We've become so dependent
For so many simple things
We often take for granted
And we don't exercise our wings.
Like how you know, how you feel
How you teach, how you heal
How you serve and cook a meal
So wonderful it's all surreal.
Mothers please just take my word
You are a blessing and a gift
We owe so very much to you
And soon there will be a shift
Cuz life keeps coming at us
Always increasing pace
Our lives are ever changing
And our roles are switching place.
So I pray that we'll be ready
When in life we reach that stage
And I promise to take care of you
Like you did me, now as we age.
So whatever it is you do
No matter how straining it is or was
Nothing is quite a challenge
Like doing what a mother does.
I know we don't say this enough
But thanks for everything you do
We're not always perfect children
But we will ALWAYS love you!


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