Mother, Whom I Love So


My mother held me close as I cried and trembled,

So many times, I’ve now lost count.

She assured me there were no monsters,

As I awoke screaming in fear from wretched nightmares.

She consoled me as I finally realized where real monsters existed,

The monsters that hide deep within our souls and hearts.

My mother feels proud, even though I give her little reason to be,

She loves me as I am and what I am growing into..

She has loved me since her gentle eyes first gazed upon me,

A love that is undying and brings her great pain at times.

My mother has loved me and may be one of few who always will,

Though I have showed little worth to deserve such worship.

She is more special than she’ll ever realize, she’s something I can’t describe.

I hope that someday, she’ll know just how much I care,

That someday I will bring her as much joy as I’ve brought her despair.

This poem is about: 
My family


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