To most


We walk past, ignore, and don't even aknowlege the people on Earth viewed as peasent to most

the look of fear in their eyes and destruction on their souls as they walk down the road

they happen to call it home

they carry their supply, a limit worth to fit their capacity

we see it as trash, they see it as life

no source of surrendor, just a plead for continuence on this unbarable place we all strive to survive

eyes stare towards their way

the languange in their eyes demands that they're animals, no worth to be given or time to be shared

as if they were the rat who sits in the ally and messes with the trash

if only we knew who they once were

hen maybe just maybe with a lead of faith 

we'd come to realize that they to are humans

and someday wewont just walk past or ignore these people on Earth viewed as peasents to most


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