My heart has special places for different people, like a mosaic made up of jagged yet beautiful pieces.

Some have left behind kind, fond memories -some that feel like home, that make you want to stay.

But I gave some pieces of myself to people who failed to see

That when I said "I love you," I really meant it.


You felt like cold, sharp edges - a part that always fell out of the picture.

You had parts of myself that I handed over and did whatever you wanted with them

Good mornings turned into empty silence, reasons for “why” turned to excuses,

conversations once filled with laughter and comfort turned into

absence and avoidance.

Before you know it, we were strangers.

You left me without any reasons

My heart has different places for people, and you felt like the edge of a knife - cutting me open at the expense of your own needs

always taking what you wanted but never intending to stay.

I’m okay, but I feel some of the scars to this day.


My heart has special places for different people - and some felt like they fit inside the voids, as if the missing pieces came together again.

You saw me - all my scars, my broken past, secrets, and shortcomings

but never loved me any less

Past erased, you showed me the value of solid love

Turning my once crooked heart into something complete and whole again

Honesty, respect, communication, trust, loyalty - from you I learned a thing or two

It's when they can be their own person, and you can be unapologetically you

No judgement, no fear, having nothing to lose


Because I love you - means caring for the other, not forcing what you want from them.

Because I love you - means listening in the hard times, acknowledging their feelings as valid, taking the time to be patient.

Because I love you - means accepting that person for who they are, not the idea of who you want them to be.

Because I love you -  should never feel like the broken pieces of glass in a mosaic, but rather, it should work together like all the pieces are meant to be.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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