Mortal Men


The sons of mortal men seek to diminish my existence,

They concentrating their energy on breaking my resistance, 

To that Bullsh*t,

All up in my ear with nonsense,

Tryna get me to listen to they irrelevant comments,

Regurgitating opinions of a rebel with no cause,

Every letter of word in their sentence is a flaw,

Agreeing to disagree,

Psychologic artillery,

Is a weapon I keep on me,

When I'm facing nonentities,


I suggest that you focus on the topic at hand,

How many fingers are needed to puppeteer a man?

A reverends relevance is proportional to your doubt,

They only listen when suffering from a spiritual drought,

The Lord said,

My people perish from a lack of vision,

Incision of intuition will put you out of commission,

No doubt,

They looking like they harbor holy thoughts,

Take a closer look and you will find that they are not,

The truth is,

They ruthless,

They will leave you toothless,

They become a nussiance,

When you give your two cents,

Tell them exactly,

Feel free to get at me, 

Potential within thee,

Is greater than they'll be.


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