Morning Birds

It's summer why am I waking up so early
well the early bird gets the worm
so I'm happy to see another morning light shine through my window
now I can breathe the air from the wind blow 
My mama cooking my favortie breakfast eggs bacon and french toast
XOXO for my mother have to tell her I love her
Cause family matters I've learned a lot Mr.Winslow 

I open Pandoras box for my morning tunes but hell never break  loose
Open the blinds close my eyes and listen to Stevie Wonder blues
Motown sound waves traveling through my house plays
On top is lovely melody, mama and I dance in Harmony
Her smile fills up the room so I hope thr light bill is low
We sit to eat she tells me to chew slow 

I ask what the time is when really the time doesn't matter at all this summer
Money isn't time cause these timeless moments are priceless so let's spend it all together
Although we may fuss and fight, I could never fly alone
She taught how to fly, but I still come back home
But my time has come to be gone, but not for long 
I give you my word, we will always be the morning birds. 






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