More Than Words


Yeah the silence spoke mountains, but for you thats not enough.

You spill your greatist secrets to me and I know those things are tough.

But all i can do is listen, because my thoughts are not enough.

You desrve so much more than what I can say, what I want to say, the feelings that I am unable to put into words.

I just can't...

No matter how hard I try, nothing comes to mind.

This is why firends don't stay long, 

becasue I can never find the words to tell them how I feel.

And just when I think I do I go and mess things up.

So maybe I can find the words to say, but i'm just to scared to say them.

Or maybe I literally will never be able to put feeling into word.

Either way, you deserve more than words...

and I can't even do that.

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