more snacks

Sun, 09/19/2021 - 20:48 -- Jawkson

tip-toeing to get a bite

been hungry all night

I think, “this can’t be right…”

I fall down the stairs; couldn’t take flight


I land hard on my face

look at the fridge, its cold light I embrace

get up, open it, find something to taste

all this food in there would be going to waste


ham, cheese, bread, butter

some mustard to smother

I could make a sandwich like my mother’s

food makes me smile like no other


scarf it down real quick

then get a popsicle, have a lick

the icy fruitiness sure did stick

then a bowl of oatmeal, nice and thick


apples, oranges, some grapes

iced coffee, cold lava cake

leftover pasta, leftover steak

sure is great to eat after you bake




Really like the mischievousness of this poem Jawkson. 

Keep it up. X

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