More Than Just Black and White


United States
25° 53' 33.0756" N, 80° 20' 6.8496" W

When all we could see was black and white
those memories we all hold onto so tight
for those people that nothing could ever go right
you're struggles were worth it

All the years of constant war
All those years of "I can't take anymore"
All these years of having the possibility but not being able to soar
you're struggles were worht it

Leaders became known
Our unity as one has grown
The ignorant mindset was overthrown
Final judgement is made on more than just tone
Freedom is now well known

Equality is the state of mind
Yet dissagreament is still easy to find

Now looking back at all of the war
Thinking to yourself what really was it for?
Under this layer of skin we're all made the same
A statement was said and society was to blame
Rights arent made for a single race or ethnicity
If we realized this, laws would be written with great simplicity

Civil rights, how it changed our lives
A chance was given to all husbands, kids and wives
A small glimmer of hope was quick to spark
Showed these great people light when everything they saw was dark

Now we live in this great nation
where red white and blue only begin to define us
Now we live in unity
Now we live in strength
Now we live Free.

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