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Tue, 11/06/2012 - 10:19 -- dhogan3


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Ninety-five percent of boys are all the same,
They think with their "little heads" and wander when she'll came,
Ninety-five percent of girls are all the same,
They think with their mind and play competitive games,
The boys want to get inside the girls bodies,
The girls want to get the attention they need,
So, the girls became skanky-ass whores,
Fucking boy-to-boy and threesomes too,
They own their friends like their possessions,
While, the boys became easy as hell,
Fucking girl-to-girl and blowjobs as well,
I disdain girls and boys acting as if their bodies are being traded in prostitution rinks,
The girls may feel overly-confident when they're moaning and feel like treasure,
But after they were just used for pain and pleasure,
While the boys just want to squeeze into a girl's queen-size bed,
Wants to fuck a little, then ask for head,
I understand you were born with a super-sized deal,
And too you I am a pussycat,
But, I do not want that,
Why, you ask?,
Because I'm worth more than that,
I understand you're experienced and you want to get me high on your rollercoaster ride,
And too you I am like an all-in-one vibrator,
But, I do not want that,
Why, you ask?,
Because I'm worth more than that.
Boys are all the same,
They love the chase and they love the game,
Girls are all the same,
They want the spotlight and they want people to know their name,
I understand you have a high-class package of screws and parts,
And too you I'm a person made to pleasure another from the start,
But, I do not want that,
Why, you ask?
Because I'm worth more than that.
Girls are bartering their goods and boys are buying their resources,
Girls boast about losing their virginity to a dog, while bumping on wood,
Boys boast about fucking bisexual twins, if you were a boy you would if you could,
Everything is out-of-control,
Orgies, sex parties and STD's for all,
The girls brag about chlamydia and herpes, while the boys brag they gave her gonorrhea and AIDs,
Girls and boys are losing their cool and selling themselves like sex slaves,
When they see wild cards they smile and wave,
I understand you're like a gift on my birthday,
And too you I'm the hole you need to fulfill,
But, I do not what that,
Why, you ask?,
Because I'm worth more than that.

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This poem addresses one of the biggest problems in today's society, and does it extremely well. I really like the imagery in the poem - it makes it a lot more powerful. The ending is perfect. You've distinguished yourself, making the words even stronger.

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