Moonlit Memories


As the sky swallows the sun, the moon is revealed.

Your absence is a wound that never fully healed.

Foggy nights by the swamp is where I dwell.

Haunting memories torture me, still.

You lay beneath the earth, just beyond my grasp.

The soul detached from the body at last.

After a week, I found you as a flower.

Resting peacefully, every day, every hour.

For years, sorrow crept up my spine.

But now I can see, you are with the divine.

A part of my heart will never be gained.

I gave it to you, I cannot sell it again.

Keep in mind, you are tucked away in my heart.

I have kept you there from the very start.

Yes, one day we will reunite in the sky.

Until that time, fly high my love, fly high.



I absolutely love it!It is so emotional, and filled with true feelings. I love it.

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