Moon Child

She's a Star Reacher,
Love Preacher,
a One time pleasant Distraction.

A heart Holder,
card Folder,
a Distant Attraction.

Can you see the memory,
it's Written on Her face,
hidden behind her Eyes,
in her own distant Place.

moon child, moon child
Keeper of her Word,
Holder of the storm,
screaming...yet, unheard.

And, though she's Searching for an out,
from her Own tormented mind,
she won't tell what she's About,
they won't Understand her kind.

moon lady, moon lady, always Angry,
who will Your next Victim be?
to understand the Magic?'s something they Can't see.

And the future's getting Nearer,
though she Doesn't know what to.
there's Nothing going on now,
doesn't someone Have a clue?

yes, the death is Getting closer
yet, she never Sits and Dreams,
for then she'd have to Realize,
that she only lives to Scheme.

can You figure it out,
figure her out
on a full moon's Evening,
Waiting for her spirit's call
"melancholy lady, i Have
the answer to it all."

and she Cries in solitude,
and she Cowers from the sun.
the future could Never Be over.
the future was Never Begun.


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