Honey, you cahnge moods like your mind is a revolving door. 

You go from hyper, to calm, to turn me on

and there's no trying to get you to stay in one spot. 

Your hand runs down my cheek, to my neck, and down to my collar bones, 

loving me in a way i haven't experienced. 

Yoru gentle touch and "come at me" love turns me on in such a way. 

It draws me into your "kiss me" lips and lovely curves. 

It makes me tumble into a feeling i have no words for. 

And when we're kissing, our bodies move like the ocean-rolling slow, 

and so close together.. 

I can't help but to give into your "i want you" eyes and your

"give me all your love" hands that rub up and down my body. 

The waves of our ocean now rapidly clashing, but still flowing in Sync. 

Then you look at me, your eyes now saying "I love you", and your 

heart slowing from the power of our storm. 

Your lips mouth the words, "your so beautiful" and i say nothing. 

I let you hold me as i hold you, letting your mood settle. 

Then, i just kiss your unknowing lips and tell you I love you; Smiling. 

Because honey, your moods change like your mind is a revolving door, 

and i'm ready for whatever swings my way. 



- A.M.H


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