Monsters Don't Just Hide Under The Bed

Eleven years old, and I feel like I've lost my soul. Sitting alone, 200 miles from my home, everything has been taken away from me. A man I've been told to trust will act is if everything is alright, and I'm told to do the same. But I can't help but cringe when I hear that name. I've grown to hate everything I've ever cared about because I'm too scared that I will never get out. I want to get out of this hole I was pushed into. By a man I thought I knew. The sad reality is we allow these monsters to walk out streets. Just stay away from playgrounds and places where our children learn. Will we ever learn? I can't love anyone, because my idea of love was taken long ago. I'm starting to think that true love, I'll never know. I've felt responsible for this for far too long. An innocent child who did nothing wrong. I've come to the conclusion monsters don't just hide under the bed, the take what they want and bury hatred deep inside your head.

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