"It's good, but you can do better."

All she ever did was scoff

And I wondered 

How do you have the audacity

To string me up

And force your hand down my throat

And make me talk as you do

Make me lose myself

In the pity that is controlled


All she ever did was scoff

With a bite as sharp as the winter

And a mouth of a sailor

Venom pressed ruby red lips

She was beautiful don't get me wrong

But behind that placating smile

And dark eyes

was the reality...



The reality of



Self Esteem

The voice that always pulled me back.




Amazing poem. :)

Adriana Rose3

Thank you so much! c:


Really a beautiful piece:)

Adriana Rose3! :)


Very good poem i really liked it! Made me cry!

Adriana Rose3

oh my goodness thank you! :)


This is amazing....


Adriana Rose3

thats super sweet! Thanks! :)


dreadful. this is not poetry

Adriana Rose3

Hey, criticism is always appreciated in my eyes it motivates and inspires me. Thanks for the comment!


Such a wonderful response to a rather rude comment! you're awesome


Right? Didn't think you could police art.....haha.

Adriana Rose3

Thank you! :)

Latin Poet

that was beautiful!!!! i can relate soooo much its sad lol.... youre awesome!! :)

Adriana Rose3

thank you so much lol:) Im.glad you liked it so much:)


Absalutely beautiful hun, I can really relate. Well done.

Adriana Rose3

thank you :).


This is an amazing poem! Love, love, love!

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