The Monster


There’s a monster with crooked teeth
With yellow eyes and bony knees
He opens up his palm for my soul
As if it’s my life in which I owe

Frigid, gaunt fingers tear into my chest
Into my lungs gasping for my last breath
My fingers search for anything to spare
While the monster takes my soul into his care

Now he’s always with me, he lives in my blood
And nothing can tear apart our needle nose love
He holds my hand in the dark day and black night
But as days drone on I know our love isn’t right

The façade bones and dreaded tales told
Are nothing matched to his seizing hold
The stunning grasp he has over my body
To pull away, to give up, means only dying

To be left in a corner, on the side of the street
I’ll never forget the monster with the knees
With the crooked smile and a love that kills
I’ll never forget the way the devil made me feel.


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