The Monster

My heart beats frantically as the Monster’s jaws enclose me.

I no longer fight it,

The Monster won long ago.

When I was still young,

When I could still fight.


The Monster arrived not long after I met Him.

I was young,

Unafraid and Pure,

He ruined me.

And left the door open on the way out,

That’s when the Monster came.


I couldn’t see the Monster at first.

I didn’t believe in him.

Who would?

But I was naïve,

And that’s how the Monster took over.


The Monster became a part of me.

So close I didn’t know where he stopped and I began.

The Monster huddled in dark corners,

Waiting to scare me.

Invading my dreams until I had no more.


Now the Monster has ended me.

No longer is there a trace,

Of the girl I once was.

She is gone and isn’t coming back.

I’m the Monster now,

And I will not be silenced.



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