Money equals Success

What makes me tick?


What makes me tick, squirm, want to inflict 

pain upon another?

What makes me wish this day would be over?

What makes me stand still and screeeeeam to the top of my lungs?



What makes me wish my name was the only ballot to call?

What makes me wish they esisted none at all?


Grants, aid, debt...


The struggle to be different

the effort to be accepted

My attempt is oh so great but my outreach oh so small

I believe it makes everyone tick

The do'ers, the adherers, the presenters

Free money they say

True labor is what i say


Your mind is an amazing thing


Compete and defeat


Education is key


Money is Key, money is life, money is me.


What makes me tick you may ask?


The excess, the limit, the pressure of it

Tio be bound by dollars

To be held captive by cents

To be the victim, is the most oppressive thing

Giving up can seem so sweet, like honey on a vine

But to truly open your eyes, you will see, there is no escape

The Bible tell no lie when it says, " Money is the root of all evil"


You can forget it

Future doctors, lawyers, physicians

It's not in the cards for you

Its not in the cards for me

Here is where we are

There is where we want to be

Money, is the ONLY way across



This is a strong piece because it comes face to face with the fact that everything we rely on, everything we dream about all has to do with how much money we can accumulate, how much money we have to survive and the such. It's such a haunting, scary thought, but I am happy that you were able to articulate it so well and share it with us. There are a few mistakes that can be easily fixed with a once over, but otherwise it was a great piece, thank you.



you are right, there are a few mistakes. sadly, it is because it was rushed when typed due to shortage of time. I appreciate your thoughts and ideas. share it if you can. I'd love that. @REBECCAYSPEREZ

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