Monday's Morons

Thu, 06/27/2013 - 22:59 -- KLBowen


The Alarm


Rings in your head

Saying, “Please, go back to sleep,”

While your memories

Are still caught

In yesterday.


A blank stare


The TV screen;

I don’t even know what he means

When he says,



Falling apart.”


I guess the news


Tells the truth, anymore;

As the weather changes

From sunny

To down-right pour.


You will slug

To work,

To the class room,

And you’ll say “what life is this?

I don’t really know what to say,

but my life is boring anyway!”


It’s Monday’s morons!

The “What could go wrong?”

They can’t come back to reality,

Because they woke at the crack of dawn!


Heads will melt


The desk they write,

With nothing on their mind but, “No.”

They’ll drag themselves across the hall,

only if their feet wasn’t slowing them down!


Souls are left


The weekend’s spirit.

Well, what the heck can I say?

It’s like you’ve been there for eternity,

But you still have four more days!


It’s Monday’s morons.

They’re as dead as a fly!

The drool soaking in the keyboard

Will suck your energy dry!


Stuck in traffic…

Stuck in traffic…

Stuck in traffic…

Still stuck in traffic….


And sleep



Monday’s Morons.

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