The Moment I Became New


I was 9 years old on my birthday that day

Perched on the couch like an excited humming bird

As I watched a hot air balloon crash in the field across from my house

I yelled for my parents who came thumping and running down the hallway

At the sound of their shrill baby girls voice

They skidded to a stop in front of the window just as shocked as I was at the scene

A hot air balloon in the middle of nowhere? 

A town with just a gas station to distinguish itself

I rushed outside

With the cold October air reaching from all directions as the concret of the side walk bite

Into my tiny little feet

It was a fall Sunday the day before Halloween

My parents voted that today was a day to go to church

A new one that we had never been to before

I had always spent my church hours dutifully coloring in the back row shoeless and distracted

Wishing for a piece of gum or a little treat to get my by

Looking deep into my childerns bible at those stories I had heard a thousand times

But this new church

This new pastor 

Changed my life in moments

My heart was pulled towards the front of the room 

As I was compelled to go to the altar when he asked us too

I couldn't stay away

And on that  day

My real birthday 

I was made anew

Born again and changed

My morality was recharged for a lifetime

And from that day I served and loved

And been full of joy

Of couse I have had my sad and not so great times

But that day

That was THE day that I changed forever

Thats the day

The moment 

The hour

That put me where

And made me who I am today

Shiney and brand new

With iron princiaples

And a love for people that flows like an ocean on the bluest morning 

Forgiveness that washes away all dirt and grim

And hope 

Hope that grows and blooms with each new day


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