For a Moment

I'm fifteen for a moment

life full of drama,

you would think you were on an elevator

with little kids pushing just about every number.

Fourteen i was humble

Got my first J.O.B!

Getting paid weekly,

so when the weekend hit

it'll be me and the booskie.

Big one three finally a teen

wishing I could still be daddy's little girl

three more year

sweet sixteen

got my own car

and working part-time

Back on the elevator

level 1 here i come.

seven now

Bench pressing these

little second grade girls

that got something to say,

with my partner in crime Ashley D Williams.

We were like Spongebob and Patrick

only difference was we were bullies.

I'm eight now

spoiled as ever

till I lost a big part in my life

January 18, 2004 Shelly Cobb,

My aunt died at Baylor hospital.

Those seven months and 26 days was hard.

I'm nine today

feels like i'm sixteen

party bigger then the universe

for daddy's little girl.

Leave that button alone

ding level five.

I'm 18 now

Getting ready to graduate Mesquite High school,

Skeeters out hahaha

I got accepted to Texas, Texas Tech, and Baylor.

I would pick Texas for the people

Tech for the colors

And Baylor cause they got a good basketball team duhh.

I'm 21 oh yes

partying with my friends at UT.

Almost every weekend heading home to my daddy,

cause you know baby girls home sick.

I'm 23 now

just got drafted into the WNBA,

playing for the stars.

Oh no not again level 10.

I'm 32 like magic,

with twins on the way.

I've been traded to Los Angles, hey candice girl.

Got the blessed best husband of all,

"Who Dat" yeah he play for the saints.

I'm 36 today,

bout to spit out my fourth child.

WNBA life was great

got three championship rings and retired now.

I'm 43 for a year

Back to where I grew up.

My king got traded to Dallas,

so back to mesquite I go.

I got my husband, Parents, 5 kids (3boys 2girls), and my old friend.

Child quit, ding you're at level 13.

I'm 51

an Algebra 1 teacher at Mesquite High School,

what can I say SKEETERS for life.

My twin's are about to graduate, keeping the tradition alive.

and I got a grand baby around the corner.

This is where my mid life crises hits

because its coming from my 17 year old.

I'm 56 now

Mom and dads anniversry,

Everybody's meeting up at there house

like a regular sunday dinner.

I'm 64

barring my father today

I guess you can say its just a crises,

after barring my mother three months earlier.

I've retired as a teacher,

now just watching my grand children grow up

I must be getting older and older

cause I feel myself getting closer and closer with God!

I'm 85 for a moment

Still going to church every Sunday,

and having Sunday dinners.

Who would have known at the age 88

I would be barring my great grand-child.

I'm 95 now still hanging strong me and the hubby!

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