Modern Day Cowboy- Poetry Slam Scholarship Entry

I laughed with Billy Crystal

Because I too am a modern day cowboy.

Armed with a pen and paper

I wrangle the words,

Capture their essence,

And affix them to the page.

All of this just to make some kind of


of the world.



At times they wander from the herd

Need to be prodded and pushed

Encouraged to take their place in the pack

But they flow with an untamed spirit

As only wild things can

And I respect that

Because often,

The pattern they make

The positions they take

Are much more beautiful than anything

I could create.


And in the gentle coming of night

I lay beneath the stars

And listen to their call.

Head propped upon my pack,

I hear to the gentle stirrings of my charges

Waiting for their chance to run free

And I obey,

A servant to their songs.



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