Mistakes are okay they used to say, but as you get older that starts to fade. Mistakes can be permanent and I learned the hard way. When I made the mistake to be perfect it took me a while to realize it’s not worth it. The over working and only being happy on the surface I realized mistakes are always happening. The only mistake I learned I could truly make is to realize I can’t be great at everything. Mistakes are what make us whole so without them we are just empty. Since I was 8 I wanted to be perfect. I was always changing myself to someone I didn’t want to be. I started realize this version of Breyonah is truly me. I begin getting confused as time went on and I realized the former Breyonah is now gone. I searched to find her because this version is lacking that perfect feeling. It was one day when I was crying I realized there is no perfect Breyonah because perfect in a person doesn’t exist their is only Happy, bubbly , loud Breyonah and that sounds like its perfect to me. Now I know happy doesn’t  have to be a surface feeling  it could be a wholesome feeling and mistakes can help me stop feeling empty because I grew to this stage doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard getting to this stage.

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