A Mistaken View Of Bravery

Some stupid people glorify murderers and call them brave persons
Who really are brave people and who really are cowards?
Brave people do not fight and slaughter one another in the name of war
Cowards kill others because they are afraid to lose their lives
There is no bravery in perpetrating evil acts against human beings

The ones with misguided beliefs absurdly regard murderers as brave people
They honour the militaries which use weapons of mass destruction in wars
But in reality anybody who takes the life of another is a coward
Cowards like to pick on weak persons to show their supposed strength
A truly brave person risks his or her life to speak out against wicked people

The following scenario will identify bravery as opposed to cowardice
An unarmed man is being harassed and intimated by heavily armed police
Although he knows that his life is in danger, he fearlessly stands up for his rights
One of the police shoots him in cold blood and then they fabricate a report
Who do you think is the brave person and who are the cowards?

Warmongers and bullies are not brave people, they are fools and cowards
Many people will disagree with me because they grew up in false teachings
They mislead us with the teachings of nationalism and patriotism
And they taught our children that brave men and women fight in wars
On the contrary, fighting and killing one another is definitely not bravery

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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