Missing Hearts *loving those that do not feel the same makes me tick*

I search for four leaf clovers

Just so I can give them to you

I wish every chance I get

And set my heart on them to come true


I deny everyone I know

Just so I'll be there when you need me

I will make myself invisible

If it hurts for you to see


I walk through fire and flames

And freeze in a pool of ice

I ignore everyone else

I believe your lies


I stay home alone by myselef

When I know you're with.....

And when I became doubtful

I just think of everything we once were


I bleed with my heart cut open

And smile despite all the pain

I pretend and act so normal

When really I am going insane


I close all the cutrains

And lock every door

If you don't want me to be around

Then I won't anymore


I stand and wait

Loyal and bound

And when someone else wants me

I am never around


I am only yours

Waiting for your command

Chained by love

And barely able to stand


You just leave me

Starving and lying in the dirt

I'm the one who will save you

But I'm the one you hurt


Sad, how pitiful

A story can be

Even when it comes

To strong little me


Despite how you act

I think I see how you feel

You want everything

But you can't make everything real


So I will keep wishing

And you will never come

And I will finally finish

Before you've even begun


But one day you're going to need me

And happily I will be there

Because we can act like we don't love each other

But we will always care


So here I will stand chained

And bound by these broken parts

Standing sad and sound

Speaking with missing hearts

That will never be found


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