I sit still in silence,
Wondering how my heart would feel if you were here.
I’m filled with tears as my eyes struggle to maintain balance,
My body feels cold as it sinks in an endless void filled with despair.
Emptiness fills the room and I shrink down in the corner like a wet chick,
My thought processors malfunction as if their suffering from stillness.
I guess this is the reason why blood is so thick.
Why live doesn’t grow from trees even if lot at the hands of a stick.
Why our hearts fill as if they are sinking even when our bodies stand on a wall made with the
strongest brick.
If only you were here insanity wouldn’t get the best of me,
You would fill the room with an aroma of love.
And we would blush and fill each other’s hearts with so much nervousness like doctors about to
perform brain anatomy
Time seems to move a bit slow,
Whether I’m going crazy or it’s just an illusion is something I don’t know.
Maybe I’m beaten by this broken heart or maybe I just miss you.
I want to hear your voice and spend hours arguing about my dreams but I’m too afraid to call
Besides even if I asked you to come back I’m sure you wouldn’t.
Because the guy from pier just asked if he can know you,
And that sound of his voice you said yes unintended.
Whether I’m losing my mind or not is something I don’t really know,I don’t know if I’m sick or
you leaving has left me offended.
All I know is that you’re all I’m MISSING.
-Emmanuel Rayan Daka

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