I’ve got it all planned out, you’ll see.

I’ve hired someone to do the missing for me.

I’ve become impatient and salty.

Life keeps handing me buckets from the sea;

I’m supposed to dump them out my eyes,

And compete with grayish silver skies.

So I am so sincere in saying:

I AM DONE with missing!


Death has taken too many of my loves

And no, I don’t find solace in doves.

So I’m off to find the places where

All of you once were.

And I won’t miss the sun in your eyes

Or rocking you and singing lullabies.

I’ll sit where there used to be a bench

And watch where the treetops stretched.

And I won’t miss worrying about you

Wondering, if you fell, what would I do?

I won’t miss you at all.

My heart hasn’t broken at all.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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