Miss Universe


South Africa


Don’t blow the light you’ll lose the spark

 I don’t know if you’re willing to ride or just play with my heart

Whatever you’re doing surely must feel right

Cause it got my imaginative mind up in the night

Creating past memories and love scars time has left behind

I’m really frustrated I found myself counting the stars

Hoping it’ll show me the love I had in my past life


Hoping I’ll find you chilling in the dark

With widow clothes waiting for my light

So I can spark the beauty back into your life

I’m a God of my own reality and I love to see things come alive

Just like I enjoying gazing into your eyes

I hope you’ll be mine


Mine to mine out the treasure I’ve left behind

Cause I swear you must have been in my past life

I don’t know if that sounds right

But one thing I know is that emotions don’t lie

And it’s not by coincidence I’m fooled by your smile


Miss universe you’re so connected with the energies around

Everything about you to me just sounds profound

After all I am a lost soul begging to be found

And I surely found home when I looked into your smile






This poem is about: 
Our world


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