Miss Missing You


I miss you even if I don't know who you are.
I miss your face and your voice and your smile and you.

I miss your everything.
I miss everything you are and ever were and I miss
every single thing you have never, ever been.
I miss you because I don't know you,
or maybe I miss you because I know--knew-- you so well.
I feel empty without you, even if we have not met
because there's the gap that you will need to fill; the
gap that will be there when you are gone.
I miss the way you made me feel, the ways you will
make me feel.
I long for your touch, your presence. 
I miss you and me, even if we have never had a chance to happen.
I'll miss you when we have happened.
In the end it seems that I'm forever missing you.


(**Author's Note: The above title was taken from Fall Out Boy's song "Miss Missing You", and this work is slightly altered from its original posting on my blog, www.tornado-ali.blogspot.com Thank you!)


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