express train to hell just left the station
does anyone still have a reservation
if so don't worry, it's alright if you do
we'll just get you on the way back through
those already aboard were arriving soon
to where time is told with a needle & spoon
& the clock is only hanging on by a thread
you have just entered the land of the dead
the fate of your life, now has a sinister plot
any last order's before you take your shot
if not then push the plunger & fade away
who wants to live until there old & gray
it's all overrated, plus I have your soul
to get you here I achieved my goal
not many make it back or even try
they call heroin the devil & this is why
tricks you into becoming someone your not
like it was your friend from all the joy it brought
always picked you up, on days you were down
now just makes you sick when it's not around
it's on a war path & destroys what it touches
so never leave the house without bringing your crutches

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