Sun, 01/12/2014 - 23:41 -- jhart92


Among the mirror I continue to stare

Desire to let go, but I wouldn't dare

Life can be so cruel, the unpredictable

This world's a harsh reality, an unhappy fable 


Vanish, disappear, no more, be gone

I wish for it to stop, but it continues on

Knocked to my knees, lower and lower

The pain in my life drags on, slower


Overwhelming emotions shatter to pieces with reason

Shards lay around me, some the color of crimson

These pieces, are they every piece of me; my soul?

Connect them together again, make my life whole


But, the damage and cracks will forever remain

This undeniable happiness and the unbearable pain

Is our life like a mirror? Reflecting all we feel

Showing us our life and what our soul may reveal

To remain in one piece or it shatters?

Is our choice of what matters


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