The Mirrored Place

Welcome to the Mirrored Place

Where the clocks turn counter-clockwise

Where we read and write,

From right to left,

Where normal is done in backwards ways.

When you look into the mirror

Standing there is me, your reflection

When you move left, I move right,

When you move right, I move left,

I do it all the same, but yet, I don’t.

You only see me when you look

But that doesn’t mean I cease to exist

When you walk away,

I live my life,

The backwards version of yours.

When you look at me, in the mirror

All you see is your reflection

But when i look inside,

To fix my hair or make-up,

I see you, my reflection.

Your place is the Mirrored Place

And your clocks turn the wrong way

When I move left, you move right,

When I blink, you follow suit,

You, my reflection, follow my every move.

Welcome to the Mirrored Place,

Where you’ve lived for all of your days.



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