Once, I saw a soul in that shinning mirror

and I know what story she has

Those misery and pain in the past

Killing her yet made her steadfast

Everytime I saw her in that mirror

I can feel what she has inside

Yet I don't have the courage

to offer my help nor my advice

When she is in her purest and innocent spirit

I can see her glowing like the star in the finest night

Smile without pretend like crystals in the sun

and clear mind without doubts

She is herself and what she is within herself

I adore her with her strength and might

Her fighting spirit despite of trials

that makes her heart worthy than others could be

But then, I saw her one time today

She has been my bestfriend

But I don't know who she is anymore

She lost herself in a moment

Memories fade and change its nature

I confused all things around her

Her patience dies

I can feel her trembling heart

and crying soul as I look into her eyes

No matter what mask she wears

I can still recognize her 

with her true acts in mirror

But I know there's still hope

to make her go back to herself

She deserves a better quality of life

There's just some things that made her change

Environment, attitudes, experiences

and all that comes to her

My bestfriend is crying now

You!Oh you! who changed her

Please I beg you

Let her go back to herself

Help and guide her way back home to me

I miss her

You!Oh you! who changed her

Stop her bleeding heart

and don't let it freeze and turn to stone

before it's too late

Oh! please somebody help me

No matter how I always denied everything

I can't help it but that girl in the mirror

reflects me

'cause that girl in the mirror

is me.







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