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Look in the mirror, what do I see? 

Without all my filters I feel vulnerable to it all.

A girl who has wasted far too many opportunities,

pursuing all the wrong things until she had to take that wake up call.

A girl who is sick of it all, fearful of committment and fearful of failure.

A girl who strives to impress others, though she barely feels pride inside.

When did it become to palpable, the need to appear so different just to protect the me that resides?

That nagging feeling of always being inferior burns me, but truly, who can be the best?

Forced to acclimate to the harsh reality of the world as a child, the girl I see has grown distrustful.

Even amongst her friends, she carefully guards her weaknesses, for she has learned

nothing hurts more than seeing the people you love turn their backs on you 

The girl I see sometimes wishes she could start it all over again,

"This time I won't make the same mistakes." 

The girl I see knows that she wouldn't start over again, because our mistakes makes us real.

That girl has also felt love in her life, and loved in return.

That girl have extended her hand when no one else was looking, and felt joy inside.

She had discovered that staying true to herself was the most incredible thing that she could do.

She knew that as long as she has proven her worth to herself, no one could say otherwise.

It is hard, to impress yourself, others are not so critical.

Yet she refuses to give up that small flame that sparked from deep within. 

Living your life worrying about others, when the ony acceptance that truly matters is yours.

Such conflicting thoughts and desire run rampant inside me, a continuing battle in my mind.

Compassion, anger, love, hatred, hope, despair.

Though I am flawed and not perfect, I am also the best at being me.

I am one of a kind. 

I am beautiful.




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