Miracle Worker

Mon, 02/24/2014 - 11:25 -- karsten


I'm not trying to get you to sympathize but realize that Jesus Christ is why I'm still breathing. At seven I should of died. Mom by my side. Pool of blood on the tar. Both legs broken crying mom am I gonna die? Bone sticking out thinking this is it. People staring. I couldn't feel anything and see an ambulance. Flying by heli to hospital. Churches praying. Four months hospitalized but never did I realize that God was at work. They said leg would be amputated, never walk again. Metal was to stay in leg but day of surgery Dr couldn't explain it but asked if we believe in miracles. I'm healed Praise God!!! I can run and dance! I believe in Jesus. I believe He rescued me. I believe I'm alive to spread His name both far and wide. I believe its my destiny and for those who believe. To tell others Jesus Christ died for us. He bore our sins on the cross. If we confess and believe that He is Saviour and He is Lord. We won't be in the lake of fire forevermore. I believe its mercy. I believe its grace. He rescued me so I could finish His race. I'm an overcomer, a child of God. And nothing, no not one thing will stop me because my God is for me. He adopted me and said I'll see you through. Through the hurt through the pain through the lies through the evil of sin through darkest day and darkest night His light will shine above all principalities and powers above rulers of darkness. He is Lord Potentate the God of gods the Lord of Lords the Redeemer who speaks redemption from ourselves. O we need Him! He knows how to make a way where there is none. College an issue? He knows what we have need of before we ask. He knows us from first breath to last. He is the Beginning and End, the Lord of my life, the God whom I serve. I love Him. He rescues from bondage! He creates, He breathes His breath of life. Once dust now flesh. We can talk to Him, heal in His name, cast out demons. He is God and there is no other. Not wife, not dad, not family, not friends. Nothing can fill the barrenness I have when I'm not talking/relying on Him. I smirk, I laugh, I rejoice and He sees. He sees my shame, my hurt, my abandonment and again He says I got u. I got u Karsten. Ur gonna make it ur more then a conqueror. Ur a warrior, use My name to fight ur wars and not ever again will u fall for those who walk by my Spirit shall not fulfill the desires of the flesh. I love my Karstee and He is Mine and His desire is towards me. I love my Dad. Theres no stopping Him. He moves in power unimaginable, might unhindered. I can walk on water, I can move mountains if I have faith like a mustard seed. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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