Mint gum

Dear swiggity swooty (the nickname I refer to you as),

It's kind of ridiculous really, how mint gum or even mint scents can pull me back to specific memories where I thought I had felt love for you. Mint reminds me of the mornings we would spend together before school began. It became almost a daily cycle for me to ask for gum every morning. We both chewed gum to ensure our kisses were sweeter, fresher. Now that we are no longer together, if I close my eyes long enough with the scent fresh in my nose, I can still feel your arms around me and I can remember your soft voice and how you said my name; smiling at me with a small piece of mint gum poking out the corner of your mouth. I know that when I open my eyes again you'll be gone so I try to keep them closed for as long as the memories stay playing in my head. And when I finally open them I'm stuck with this overwhelming feeling of loss, self blame, anger and hurt... All of this because of mint scents and mint gum.


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