Minor Beauty


South Africa

I’m not sure if I should say I’m yours truly

But as Time goes I think I could be

I totally wish you knew the things you do to me

This is another spiritual channel you’ve got me tuned in

I had so much thoughts and doubts locked in me

But you made me smile and really lose it

Okay now that I lost it

Can you be my place to hide in?, My mini forest

A place of warmth when the world is at its coldest

Cause you’re one human being with Love so modest

Telling me that I’m the best thing and you just honest

Out of them all I hope you last the longest

You just made loving you my personal interest

Out of all the fake love you became the realest

I’m sorry I never got to capture the special moments

That’s because you teleported me to a place above the sky

I think that’s part of the reason you say I kiss so nice

I tried to be down to earth but you got me high

Showed me that your love is something I’ll never find

And I’m not even willing to try

I’m glad you Loved those kisses and long hugs

But it’s all because your eyes had me hypnotized

You got me going backwards to the other side

Remember I told you that I met you in my past life

Minor beauty I really hope you teach me how to Love


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