Mindset of An Addict

Addictive Tendencies LOOMING
Relapse Time is BLOOMING
Struggling Removing all USING
Enhanced Temptation COSUMING
Sorrow Better Luck Tomorrow MUSING
Life Isnt Supposed To Be This CONFUSION
I'm Tired Of Losing Everytime REUSING
In Hopes That I'll Feel BOOZING
My Unique Mind Is SNOOZING
Distortedly Perceptions Started OOZING
Thoughts Of Deception REFUSING
Cancerous Memory's That'll Haunt SUSAN
This Drug Shit Isn't Even AMUSING
Complex Solutions From Situations FUSING
Logically Toxic My Adhds BRUSING
Consumed Shadow People ILLUSIONS
The Withdrawal Struggle AROSING
Conscience Saying Quit Fighting & Keep USING
But I Hate Re-Runs Of Self ABUSING
I Rather Reign On These All ACCUSING
Relocating Goals To Someone i KNEW AND
Settlement Carried Out Like I'm SUING
Removes My Self-Doubt Over FLOWING
Beat My Addiction Again Nobody KNOWING
Self Confidence Starts SHOWING
Let Go Of Shame In Not OWING

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