Mindless Tacher

Teacher.... Excuse me, Teacher......Ummmmm Teacher? Well I guess my question wasn't important.  Yes teacher? No teacher. I didn't know teacher! Maybe you should pay more attention.........             Help me Teacher! Im confused Teacher! Why don't you help me teacher?! Don't yell at me when you were to busy talking to the stars of the football, basketball, softball, hell even the chess team! Don't frown upon me because I don't show self confidence. Maybe if you were to HELP me, as you should, maybe... just maybe, I would have the courage to stand in front of the class and recite Hamlet's to be or not to be speech with ease. Maybe, just maybe I would have better papers because YOU stood by ME and HELPED ME when I couldn't tell if my paper was written correctly, or if the question is a trick question, or if it's just my imagination and I knew the answer all along. Maybe, just maybe, Teacher. if you looked past the students in shining armor, you could see the ones who struggle the most. The ones who beg for your help Teacher, but receive none. The ones who YOU let fall through the cracks and onto the shards of glass below. You, Teacher, should take another look.

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