A Mind That Counts

The numbers continue to grow but the mind does not count

It goes by guessing while the numbers continue to grow

Is it not apart of life to want more

To wish that the mind could expand, conquer and worship

So where do I stand?

Well I wish I knew

I wish I could say that I am a mind that wants to conquer the world

But I will not

I wish I could expand my mind over the numbers itself

But what good would this do me?

What I've learned throughout my child like years is that I am more than a number that continues to count the days

But my child like mind slowly starts to fade; the truth is revealed

 I am a mind that does not count the numbers

I am part of the minds that continue to hide behind pain, depression and poverty

I am a girl who sees the world for what it could have been

We create the world for the future minds, but what about now

Why can't the world be a better sanctuary

A place where no one is judged for being poor, homeless, and obese.

Why not just be yourself?

I want to show the world that people will enter and exit 

That it is okay to make simple mistakes

I am here to learn from my mistakes

Because once I've accepted my flaws, no one can use them against me.

I am different from everyone else and I like it this way

I am beautiful in the inside, not the other way around

I am a mind that is more than a number

I am a mind that counts


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Our world
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