The Minaj Chronicles

This is the "Autobiography" of DC, a young boy who once started out as an "Itty Bitty Piggy" 

On some days I feel like everyday is a "Pink Friday", especially when I'm "Fly" and I'm "Feeling Myself". 

And then sometimes I have to say that" "Playtime is Over", especially when I hear you say "I Lied", and you know I don't need "No Frauds".  

I'm "Only" for those who are trying to gain wealth for a serious cause, drive "Four Door Aventadors" and trying to "Bang Bang" on better doors, so as many as possible could open up for the few "Moments 4 Life" we have, oh let "Freedom" ring! 

My parents gave me the swing of things and told me I had talent way before I was in "High School" and I wouldn't have to say "I 'Beez in the Trap'". Can't you tell that they could see "Right Thru Me" and though I probably can't sing and play on the "Grand Piano", when I spit it on the mic, you'll see I don't lay down in a "Bed of Lies", but don't get me wrong, I don't think that I'm the shit but Just guess what ? "I'm Legit" and I never look down for I'm always in a "Starship", and don't get me wrong there are times where I am in a hardship. You''ll even catch me playing "The Crying Game" sometimes with the famed and even with the lames.  

Knowing how many "Stupid Hoes" there are across this world from NY to "Shanghai", they have all gave me the "Warning" that they do not want to better themselves and go somewhere in life, and if you don't "Want Some More", instead of everyday twerking on IG screaming "Throw Sum Mo" especially if "The Night Is Still Young", then you can't be in my group of "Favorites". You most definitely cannot be a "Favorite" acting like that, and I'm supposed to be "Your Love", for the fact that compared to rest of them you are above, which means I got "All Eyes On You". 

But aside from business and going far in life, I have my moments where "I Gets Crazy", Laughing and Crying, the "Pills and Potions" be having me hazy in a daze, but still seems to make me see the better in the  bad days. 

Overdosin so much that I am high off life, makes me think what is a relationship? I don't need to know if anybody wanna "Buy A Heart", and damn sure I don't need to call none of "The Boys" "Big Daddy", because I'm the male equivalent of a "Boss Ass Bitch", because I am "Flawless", and if so you are not on my level just please get "Up Out My Face". So in the end the fact that remains is that I don't need no "Lookin Ass Nigga" "Right by My Side" because they just might be "Blazin" and we all know "Fire Burns" and  even though they have the ideal "Anaconda" that could "Blow Ya Mind" right after you say I wanna be "Bad For You" then proceed to "Get On Your Knees" saying pretty please won't stop you from  getting a disease! 

All my life I always told my mom that I want to make my parents proud! She told me that as long as I got a degree she'll always be okay, and safe and sound. However she told me in order for me to make them proud then I would need to first "Make Me Proud". After she told me that I always found myself constantly saying "and I 'Win Again'". The next big moment was when I came out and said "Here I Am", because I was living a lie for my friends, nah not the fam. At home I was somewhere over the rainbow, but when I walked outside I tried to "Change It", I straight "Did it On Em" trying to be straight. Because before I crossed the rainbow outside everyone bullied me straight up because of the gayness, like why did they have to be so heinous over something so frivolous, like was I walking "Side to Side" that bad. It was done for laughs and giggles but me being the victim I had to "Take It To The Head". I guess my Lord and Savior made me "Save Me" from this "Masquerade". After that "Knockout", I am where I am now just basking in the ambience of what life has to offer me every single day. 

"Catch Me" doing sensational things, and I recommend you "Check It Out". 

After looking at me you should see that being D is all about being a "Champion", which is an "Automatic" it always will "Come on a Cone" and "Letting Go" of the "Monsters" that disturb your life is sometimes necessary to be at your peace of mind, and that is "Till The World Ends" because who wants to always have to go out hurt the world with a "Massive Attack". 

But for now and forever Imma just mack like "Marilyn Monroe", but even she proved that in life no matter how hard we try "All Things Go". We could try to scream, shout, and pout for them to stay, we'll just never have it our way. After all these bars I all I could say is "WooHoo" because my energy is starting to fly south, and I don't want to be "Up All Night" so in other words all I could say is "I'm Out", but always remember to address yourself as "The Boss". 

Here I don't be throwing shade ain't me I just throw little monocles. 

And that right there is the Minaj Chronicles. 


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