Miki is the light that guides me

Before I met her my life was a blur. traveling down that road I saw her. Miki the one who guides me, Miki she lives in Japan. Veronica she lives in America. Two countries two hearts. Before I met her my life was blur for sure. Then she took my hand, and made my life grand. She taught me about Japan, and made my mind expand. Miki the one who guides me Miki the one sat beside me. When a mistake occured she was there as my cure. Miki the one who I love Miki the one who flew away just like that of a dove. My light was gone my life could not carry on. For she was gone. Japan, America two counries two hearts. Miki was my teacher she was my best feture. My light had gone away. How I longed for her to stay. I always think of her then my heart begins to stur. She is the light that guides me. She is the light that leads me to my dreams it seems. No matter the cost I wont get lost, for she is the light that guides me.

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My country
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I know it isnt the best poem, but I wanted to make something nice for my Japanese teacher. Miki is the most important person to me so I wanted to include her in something that might help me see her again. Getting into a college is the only way for me to see my teacher again.

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